Yes I’m serious.

I totally burn holes in walls if I don’t wear sun glasses.

Why haven’t you noticed this before?

I always wear invisible sunglasses to class.  Wouldn’t want to burn down the building.  You see, my parents had to become sunglasses engineers when I was younger and began to develop this super power, as a necessity for their survival.  Also that’s why I live in the Yukon, to cool me down.  Also I am the reason for global warming. I am sorry.

Okay, it is potentially a metaphorical super power, which makes it no less awesome.

It’s difficult to explain exactly how “laser-vision” relates to my particular talent, because my talent isn’t quite as narrow as beams of energy being propelled from my irises. I recognize that I am different, talented, and unique, but I don’t think the talent that I possess can be attributed to one activity.  I’m a competitive elite athlete (runner, cyclist, XC skier) but not the best of the best, I’m a great mathlete, but not the nerdiest of the nerds, and I’m a huge foodie, but not the foodiest … among seemingly infinite other things.  I also consider myself a natural people person, with the innate desire to communicate, teach, learn from, and change others… with an eerily keen sense of others emotions.  The way that I put all of these things into one lump of person is my super power.. but how do I group them.. what does that make me?

If I thought about it from the perspective of any of my friends, I think it would be clarified.  If most or any could describe me with one word, I am sure it would be “intense”… in fact, I’m quite sure they have told be this before.  I see, hear, or learn about things around me that are deserving of attention, and I devote un-wavering passion toward them.  Passion with the intensity of a laser beam… hence the laser vision.  I spend boundless time and effort determining which aspects of my environment are worth addressing within my life, and once I decide, I commit.  These passions are not determined by trend or stubbornness, they are borne of education and energy.  I am never the girl who jumps on the bandwagon.  I’m the girl who drives the wagon because she did the research and found out that the purpose of moving the wagon resonates with her core values and the wagon has a viable path to success.  I’m also the girl who, if she sees other people who she knows would benefit from the wagon, will do her best to give them the opportunity to climb aboard.

Here are a few examples of me:

– I have a four-year plan for my future, with branches existing for alternate routes upon reaching a junction

– I have a list of potential companies that I could work for based primarily on their corporate ethics, and I have them mapped out on a globe

– I have decided which year I am going to run an Ironman and which year I am going to start training

– I have educated myself, and only eat organic, or local grass-fed meat

– I now have a roommate who also began training as a runner

– I now have a teammate who also only eats grass-fed meat

– I swear I don’t use mind control, they were drawn in by the intensity of my laser-vision

Still with me?

Yes complicated.

I’m an ENFJ.  That’s my Myers-Briggs personality type.  Please click the link (if you have time), it helps clarify a bit about where my “power” comes from (also the author of the page’s name is Joe Butt.. ha.. ha).  I am more of an ENFJ than anyone I know, except Oprah.  That’s where the uniqueness comes in.  My personality type alone encompasses only 2-5% of the population.  Beyond that, the way in which I use my personality to make change, encourage others, and accomplish goals? That’s as unique as my fingerprint.

Nobody has the same exact passions, coupled with the same skills and knowledge, coupled with the same intensity as anyone else.  From where I have come from, to where I’m going to go, nobody has the same vision.

That is why it is important.  I know that my bundle of abilities will be key to the movement I make or support.  I don’t plan on finishing this life without making an impact.  I follow through with plans.  I have the power to influence others because of my own ever-evident passions.  Perhaps it is difficult to explain, but I recognize my abilities as paramount for growth and change, because regardless of me being just me – me being one very independent, stable, driven individual – I am also equal in value to the sum of the people that I affect, inspire, or carry. Even the people that those people carry.

Okay, coming full-circle, perhaps my super power of laser like intensity and drive, has a result more to the affect of Magneto.

I’m just assuming that you watch X-men.

With this power, whether it be laser or magnets.. or a super laser-magnet…

(my apologies)

… I plan on using it to first absorb all of the applicable knowledge possible, sorting that knowledge into a viable path of action that will instigate change, then gathering people and bits of metal who value the things that I value, and then propelling it in the right direction.

So far, one potential first action plan is getting an internship at TOMs shoes after graduation.  They’re going in an awesome direction that I would like to contribute some serious passion to.

I’ve already bought my first pair. I’ve worn them around my house for the past two days.  They fit me like sage fits butternut squash (if you haven’t paired the two, please do).

Three of my roomies are planning which colour they are going to buy their first pair in. 🙂

Super laser-magnet power.



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