My Movement

I plan on leading others to treat the environment and all those inhabiting it with the care that they would give to their mother or child.

Yes it is a plan.

I plan on doing this because I feel that it is unjust to force other nations and future generations to suffer the consequences of our destruction.  It is not their responsibility, nor should it be. As it is currently, the way business is done is not sustainable.  Those doing the business and committing or perpetuating the environmental and social atrocities, aren’t going to be alive to feel the burden.

As North Americans, our actions have global consequences. The repercussions of our corporate and consumer decisions can be seen primarily in developing nations that rely on us for “economic stability”.

I witnessed some of these repercussions in the Dominican Republic.

I took the above photo just outside a typical home on a sugar cane batey. This is the typical yard.  Garbage removal isn’t common.

This following photo is one of the Haitian accommodations.  Haitians come to the Dominican for better jobs and money to support their family.

This is what the “better jobs” afford them because this is how cognizant the american sugar companies are of the implications of their cost-cutting business strategies.

The Haitian situation is reflected in every major industry in many developing countries as, for these individuals, cutting cane for a pittance is better than the alternative of no job at all.

This doesn’t even address environmental degradation.

There is a clear reason that I plan to work ethically and inspire others to use conscientious business practices, as opposed to simply having a pipe-dream.  When you feel connected to the issue, contributing to the solution no longer becomes an option, it becomes a necessity.  I do not question the attainability of my leadership goals.  There are many approaches and boundless opportunities for corporate social responsibility, which leaves me certain that my plan will be carried out in some form.  Everything I currently take on, and each step that I have planned for the future is centered upon my leadership goals.

The gift that I will give is self-evident.  Social and environmental improvement.  Contributing to our ability to maintain life can be a gift.  Anyone who sees or perceives the current issues will appreciate the gift.  The gift, however, is for everyone, not only those who understand or appreciate it.  You cannot avoid the benefits of ethically sound commerce.  My art is created by my avenue of choice.  There is art in changing business.  Any new way of doing anything is art.  It will require both guts, creativity, and communication skills to either create a successful business on a platform of sustainability, or to convince other businesses to convert.

In return, I expect understanding.  All I want is for other people to empathize with the issues I plan to address.  If others open their minds and demonstrate willingness to move forward, my goals will be satisfied.

Right now, I could just drop out of business school and run around telling my friends to love the earth and its people.

Abandon my career.

Pick up a guitar.

Sing songs trying to persuade others to act ethically.

Dispose of my material possessions and eat vegan.

I could even use the last of my scholarship money to fly off and build homes in Haiti.

That would be easy.

No challenges, no further skill required, no real impact, just one person. Likely very enjoyable.  I like playing guitar, I like lentils, I like carpentry, I don’t like school all that much, and I like sunny weather.

Well, now that that’s been decided…


(that’s the one nice looking corner of Haiti)

Well, maybe I won’t, I think there may be a better option.

I could attempt to weasel my way into becoming Prime Minister and implement some SERIOUS regulations etc. That would be pretty high impact. Right?

I don’t, however, see that going over too well in the long run.  I’m more of a “fix it at the source” kind of gal.  The source is business.

I plan on finishing my undergrad in accounting – gaining some legitimate financial knowledge and credibility.  Traveling -gaining some serious global perspective credibility. Schooling more by taking this sustainability MBA – gaining some real credibility in my area of future business.

From there I will look into becoming an intern at a sustainability consulting firm, and then (if necessary), developing my own business plan in order to brainwash companies into being responsible.  My business will grow and become a well known brand of ethical certification and from there EVERYONE will want to work with my business.  Through marketing and educational campaigns done by my business, consumers will realize that being conscious of their purchases will make the world a better place.  At this point, the world will be perfect, obviously.

People in developing countries will be receiving a fair wage.

DDT will be locked up in prison along with the Monsanto corporation.

Genetically modified foods will have fled the planet is search of other life forms to prey on.

Cow farts will not be causing holes in the ozone layer because cows will be eating grass, like they’re supposed to, roaming fields, like they’re supposed to, and there will not be seventy gajillion of them.

Lakes and oceans will be completely clean, and all of the fish will dance and sing.

Non-biodegradable plastics will be shipped to Pluto, because it’s not a planet anymore and therefore doesn’t matter.

Ice caps and glaciers will re-freeze and the Polar Bears will come back to life.

AIDS will disappear because of the education in developing countries due to the new found income increase.

Cancer will run and hide because bisphenol-A will be history.

There will be no war because we’ll all be so Dang happy.

Organic skittles will fall from the sky whenever there is a rainbow.

Somehow, even with skittles falling from the sky, there will be no obesity.


You’re Welcome,


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